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  • October 13, 2014
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    A little while ago I reached out to some inspiring fellow Blogger ladies to chat about their blogging habits. What does a Blogger do and what does it take to be a good Blogger?

    This past Saturday I met some of these amazing, empowering women at the Go Blog Social conference in Chicago and to be honest, it was one of the best days I have had in a while. Connecting with so many other like-minded, strong women, that all have a clear vision in their mind was so motivational and I can’t event contain my excitement and all the new ideas that are swirling around my head since I returned.

    I will share a more detailed review about the Go Blog Social workshop on Wednesday and talk about the most important things I have learned from the event and why it is great to attend these workshops not only for Bloggers.

    Six Bloggers from across the Midwest (four of them were at the GBS Workshop!) answered five questions about their blog and what skill they had to learn to become a good Blogger. All six ladies write their blog part-time and have a career outside of photographing dinners and changing outfits in cars. Whether working in an advertising agency or in consulting, running a small business or creating a brand new online shop as a new career adventure – all of them share the same interest in creating unique content for their readers and hope to inspire. They for sure inspire me.

    Go Blog Social

    1. Are you blogging full-time?

    Cait from Pretty & Fun: Nope! I work full-time at an advertising agency as a Digital Strategist.

    Maya from Charmingly Styled: Nope! I work as a social media community manager by day, and find time to blog at night and on the weekends. 

    Lauren from La Petite Fashionista: I blog at La Petite Fashionista & run a business, LPF Media– where I do social media consulting and run workshops for bloggers & small business owners.

    Emily from Isn’t that charmingNope! I work full time at an advertising agency in Chicago, where I’m the Social Media Marketing Manager. I blog mainly at night and in the mornings before I head to work.

    Katelyn from Katelyn NowNo, my full-time job will soon be running my own company and online shop, Woodbury Lane when it launches early 2015.

    Jessie from Style and PepperI do run my own business full time, but managing and producing content for the blog is only about 1/3rd of what I do. The rest is dedicated to consulting for fellow online influencers and working on personal projects like Pepperologie + Meet the Peppers.

    2. How long have you been blogging?

    Cait: 3 1/2 years.

    Maya: This September marks my second year of blogging!

    Lauren: 7 years!

    Emily: Isn’t That Charming actually just turned two years old this week!

    Katelyn: Just over one year.

    Jessie: 6.5 years!

    3. How often do you upload posts and how much time does it take you for one?

    Cait: I post 5x a week (Monday-Friday) and typically spend on average 3 hours per post. Producing quality content is a lot of work!

    Maya: I try to write 3-4 per week and it can take anywhere from 1 -3 hours!

    Lauren: I try to post 5 days a week & it can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on what type of post I’m creating.

    Emily: I try to post at least 3 times a week. On average, I’d say that 2 – 3 hours per post is a safe bet!

    Katelyn: I generally publish 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

    Jessie: I post anywhere from 2-5 times per week, and the time spent definitely depends on the type of feature.  Outfit posts are the quickest and the more in-depth series (how-tos or videos) are usually in the development process for a few weeks!

     4. What was the hardest skill you needed to teach yourself for blogging and what is the most important one to have as a good blogger?

    Cait: I think it’s really important for bloggers to have a combo of creative strengths – it’s about having a strong voice and solid writing skills AND being able to have an eye for curation and design as well (which is what makes it really tough!)

    Maya: I used to be HORRIBLE at Photoshop. I started realizing that I needed to put more of an effort in my photoshop skills for work and my blog, so I looked up online tutorials to sharpen my skills. I’ve also become better at photography, but I’m definitely not a pro yet! That’s a skill I’m hoping to continue to improve

    Lauren: The hardest skill has been using Photoshop! The most important skill as a blogger (though I may be biased) is a background of Social Media Marketing!

    Emily: For me, the hardest skill has been time management. It can be difficult to create content at such a regular basis, and I admittedly tend to put off creating posts until the last minute, particularly when work gets hectic or there’s a lot going on in my personal life. Marketing skills are a must, too!

    Katelyn: I would say WordPress in general was the hardest thing to teach myself. The most important skill to know as a blogger is definitely SEO. You can have a great blog, but if a search engine can’t find you you’re out of luck!

    Jessie: I would say that the more coding knowledge that you can pick up, the better off you’ll be. I have a free resource guide at where you can get some tips on where to find help.  Most of what I’ve learned in that area has come from just googling what I want to know, but there are tons of experts who are eager to walk you through the process.

    5. What is your favorite topic to blog about?

    Cait: I really enjoy blogging about a lot of things (hence the “lifestyle” blog I suppose). Interior design was one of the first things that drew me into the blog world, so I’ll always have a soft spot there but style & beauty are just as fun!

    Maya: I love sharing personal stories! I wish I did more of it, but it’s always a little scary to put yourself out there.

    Lauren: I strive to be relatable and put myself in the shoes of my readers. I love sharing outfits & entertaining ideas for fellow fashionistas on a budget!

    Emily: I love blogging about personal style because it’s something that I’ve evolved in the most and is fun to play with. I also love to blog about recent travels and inspirations across the web.

    Katelyn: I love writing personal posts, maybe about goals I have, a trip I took, or a restaurant I discovered. It’s fun to look back on these posts!

    Jessie: Color and photo inspiration posts are usually my favorite, but I also love writing about the intersection of style + confidence over on Pepperologie.

    Business of Fashion Blogging

    6. What do you want your readers to take from your blog? What makes it different from others?

    Cait: At the end of the day, I always want my readers to feel a sense of authenticity – I try and keep it real and it’s important for me that always shows, regardless of blog growth or success.

    Maya: I want people to know that I don’t take myself too seriously – but that I’m passionate about creating a creative space that’s pretty! While I love to write about beauty, fashion and the latest trends, I like to infuse some humor and embarrassing stories to make my blog more personal – and hopefully relatable!

    Lauren: I want my readers to come away from my blog feeling like we could be wine drinking, closet sharing besties! Like them, I’m just trying to look stylish on a budget, decorate a beautiful house, learn how to cook & follow my #girlboss dreams!

    Emily: My blog tagline is “Inspiration for a charmed life”, and that’s what I hope that Isn’t That Charming is for readers. I aim for it to be a place to empower women, brighten your day, indulge in guiltless pleasures & leave inspired. As for what makes my blog different – I hope that my “written” voice conveys how I really am in real life – approachable, friendly, and always down for a new friend or adventure!

    Katelyn: Most importantly, I want my readers to realize that I am a real, imperfect, human being and not some figment that only exists in the perfect little world of blogging! My blog is different than a lot of other blogs because I also publish DIYs, book reviews, and personal posts.

    Jessie: I hope that my readers visit S&P and feel inspired to create a happy, healthy & flavorful life. I think my unique perspective on style is what makes the site stand out, but I really just love a chance to write to my online friends like the sisters I never had.

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