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How To Make A Blowjob

Do you want to make a perfect blowjob to your partner, so you do not forget that moment in your life? Well, it’s possible. In this article, we are going to show you some tips that will help you make a blowjob to your boyfriend or partner. If you want to catch him from the first moment, the blowjob should be perfect.

Eroticism comes first

Before you start, it’s important to warm up your partner so that he gets to 100. Do not make the mistake of starting a blowjob from 0, because the experience will not be the same. Use your woman’s weapons to warm him up and make him straw unforgettable. For example, you can do a striptease; let it touch you little by little. There are many options to choose from. Let everything come up. And when you see that your partner is already hot, it will be time to start the blowjob through the following tips.

Start with a smooth rhythm

We recommend that you put the penis in your mouth and without any movement, you see how it is getting erect. With the heat, the humidity of your mouth and your position, the boy will get to 100 quickly. And to get better results, do not get carried away, but you must always take the initiative. It has been shown that men like very much that women take the initiative. Do it, and you will excite much more. When you start sucking, start at a slow pace, you’ll have time to increase the pace.

Use lubricant

Many people think that to make a blowjob does not need a lubricant, but the truth is that it helps to make the experience much more pleasant for both parties. For this reason, in the beginning, we invite you to put some lubricant. This can be based on silicone or water and with the flavor that you like the most. Think that at the beginning, and you will not produce the amount of saliva that is needed; hence, it will be very helpful.

Use your hands

Many women think that a good blowjob is done only with the mouth. No, the hands are not for decoration. If you want to make a good blowjob, in addition to the mouth you have to use your hands. The important thing is to carry out good coordination. Just see the guide to oral sex video.

We recommend that you do a bit of friction and/or pressure, while you follow the same rhythm with your mouth and hands. This way, you will achieve that the pleasure is much superior to the one that you would only give with the mouth. We want you to know that the success of blowjob will depend mainly on your hands. Keep that in mind.

Ask in case of doubt

The vast majority of men are quick to notice if they are really enjoying the blowjob or not. If you have doubts and you do not know if you really like it, do not hesitate, ask him while you continue. Do not stop to avoid losing the rhythm. You can be sure that at that moment he will tell you the truth since all he thinks about is enjoying the pleasure you are giving him. Yes, avoid the general questions.

If he tells you to change something, do not take it the wrong way. Every man is different, and consequently, he likes different things. The important thing is to know what you like to do the perfect blowjob. In the future, you will already know how to do it, and consequently, you will not have to ask anymore.

Adapt to the angle of the penis

If you want to bet on the technique of deep throat, it is very important that you put yourself in the angle of your partner’s penis. Depending on the type of penis your partner has, it is best to get on your knees or lie on the bed and eat it to the bottom. The important thing is to get an angle as natural as possible for the penis to slide comfortably through the mouth and throat. If you notice that the penis is in the upper part of the mouth, then you must change the oral sex position.

Look him straight in the eye

If you want to excite him more, while you are doing the blowjob, it is important that you look him straight in the eyes. This will excite him a lot.

This technique will not only help you increase the excitement of the moment; it will also help you to see if you are really enjoying the technique you are using. If you notice that it is not working, change the rhythm, change position. Use your weapons to return to enjoy the pleasure you are trying to give.

Suck with enthusiasm and illusion

The language also has to be present in the technique you use. Do not always do the same movements, or you will end up bored. Sometimes, stop and stroke the glans with your tongue. It is also a good idea to suck the length of the member with your tongue or to introduce each testicle into your mouth one by one. All this will give morbid and will make the experience much greater.

Remember, the game of mouth, tongue, and hands should be appropriate.

Finally the pace increases

When you see that the blowjob is about to end, it is time to increase the pace to go according to your partner. Remember, it is important to start slowly and gradually increase the pace to finish quickly.

We want to remind you that, to make a perfect blowjob, not only do you need to use an appropriate technique. But it is important to show desire, attention, and care so that your partner feels safe and at ease. If you get relaxed and show that you are also enjoying what you do, both of you will get the most out of the experience.

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