Timeless outfit
The New Neutral

I am a late bloomer. Aways have. Just recently I went through my hard drive and found pictures from high school with me and my friends. Most of my friends haven’t changed much and still wear some of those clothes. Their hair was on point and overall they seemed like

5 Life Changing Tips For Productive Blogging
5 Life Changing Tips For Productive Blogging

In my two years of Blogging I have come across many questions from readers, family and friends. Those questions weren’t just about the business behind it but more about what it takes to successfully balance the workload of a job (or school) and a blog. The truth is, I often find

Aztec Cardigan Look

I am not an indecisive person while shopping but when I am, the store is typically rushing out its last customer, counting their money. Funnily enough, this cardigan-buy was another one of those moments and I already felt the blood pumping through my body and my head turning red from