Sex, Love, Heat – Which Relationship Do You Have, Which Compass Do You Adhere to

We are not challenging any type of personal ideas with this article. Simply complying with nature’s tracks. We do know there were what we will call Pre-Civilized individuals generally referred to as Cavern Men or Cavern People.

So allow’s take a Cave Male and a Cavern Woman. We do not know what their sex routines were neither how they learned what to do. Maybe they watched monkeys, who like sex, yet how did a monkey know what to do? If it was viewing other monkeys, who did it first? The first monkey, how did that happen? Were there Adam and Eve monkeys?

Do anteaters do it? They are loners. Just how do they know when and also exactly how? The other day it was found the 10 foot giant lizard laid productive eggs without a man. A real virgin birth. The eggs hatched and also currently are growing up fatherless. Immaculate fertilizations have occurred prior to in the animal globe of which we are particular. It certainly shows the male gigantic reptile has no sex drive as well as the girl lizard identified exactly how to go screw herself. Something we have been telling people to do for many years watch here .

A women bird is establishing about not doing anything but munching as well as right here comes the male of her specie and also does a dancing and displays plumes and also the following thing you recognize, they mate. That informed him to dance? Why did she let him do it to her only if he did dance? Who stated it was time? Is that all the sex they will have? Was it fun?

It has been stated by the learned that a human woman is the only woman that ever before has a climax. You recognize years ago there were numerous non-human, human women. It was not appropriate to enjoy sex and also by golly they did not. My grandpa will tell you. So there is a lot in the pot when it comes to analyzing procreation. How does the learned recognize that women pets do not have a climax? I can not visualize a cow having one. Actually I can not think of any type of female animal having one, today a male pet, that is various. He will have one on your leg.

I have come across queer pets. Of course we understand about individuals. Obviously they run out sync with the world of procreation which is what nature does best. After that why are 10% of us queer? They can not procreate?

It seems creatures are made to mate as well as pass away and also mate as well as pass away with a degree of leisure in between. The idea is to maintain the circus rolling.

If negative things occurs, like it did to dinosaurs then a new group of animals are created over the ages of time. Did nature know something was going to occur to the dinosaurs? Does nature know we are one day going to collapse right into the sunlight? We will be living in other planets by then. How will sex modification by then? If there is no gravity you will certainly need huge rubber bands holding you together to make love.

We pointed out not too lengthy ago it was assumed not appropriate for a girl to delight in sex. Poor Clark Gable learned that in GWTW. Now it appears all females enjoy sex and are as open up to it as men. This is what is creating the confusion.